Regular inspection of the chain drive

The chain must be inspected at regular intervals, but at least once annually, in accordance with the stipulations of DIN 685 part 5 and the valid accident prevention regulations.

As the frequency of use increases, the inspection intervals must be reduced and adjusted to the prevailing operating conditions as wear, corrosion, the effects of the heat and greater susceptibility to faults occur. As long as no experience-based values are available for wear under the actual operating conditions, an inspection must also be carried out every time the chain is relubricated.

The inspection includes detecting external fault, deformation, cracks, wear and corrosion.  During inspection, the chains must be examined along their entire length, including the hidden parts. If the lifting equipment is frequently used with a constant lifting distance or if switchover from upward to downward often takes place in the same area, a particularly thorough inspection and lubrication is required in this switch-over area.

Together with the chain the wheels, chain guide and fastening parts should be inspected for damage, corrosion, abnormal area of wear or other defects. Particular attention should be paid to the condition of all bolts and safety components. If defects are discovered they must be repaired without delay.

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