Complex automation technologies and many drive units ensure that heavy stage elements are moved during a show. Thanks to the RUD TECDOS product portfolio you can ensure that elements and sets are moved and lifted safely.

A wide variety of components and systems are available to build a complete TECDOS drive solution for every requirement. The base is the TECDOS round link chain. All round link chains are stamped, which guarantees traceability back to the melting point via standard 3.1 certificates.

TECDOS® round link chain

The core component of every TECDOS system applications is a highly wear-resistant RUD round link chain for maximum service life.

Technical data of the premium round link chain


The 2 in 1 complete system PI-GAMMA is suited for horizontal and vertical applications with a fixed 180 degree deflection, or a flexible 90 to 180 degree deflection. Through flexibility, the drive system ensures greater efficiency.

Technical data of the PI GAMMA drive


The TECDOS OMEGA DRIVE, with its characteristic form and eponymous wrap angle of 180 degree, is recommended particularly for continuous linear (linear drive) or rotary movements.

Technical data of the OMEGA DRIVE

TECDOS® pocket wheel

The TECDOS pocket wheels for drive technology and drive systems are optimally designed for the interplay with the round link chains and guarantee smooth running and a long service life.

Technical data of the chain wheel

TECDOS® chain connector

The highly wear-resistant chain connector forms a reliable connection system even under severe conditions. Endless chain loops are possible by means of a simple hammer assembly. The installation dimensions correspond to the chain link size. It should be noted that the operating forces are limited to the maximum force of the chain connector.

Technical data of the chain lock

TECDOS® chain end fixing

The chain end fixing for connecting chains to supporting structures in the field of drive technology, transfers 100% of the TECDOS chain operating forces. Thanks to its adjustable axis, it ensures maximum flexibility during use.

Technical data of the chain end fixing

RUD TECDOS® PowerPoint lifting point

The PowerPoint lifting point for connection to chains, hooks, and eyes, can easily be rotated 360° and swivelled 230°. The double ball bearing ensures easy tilting, turning and rotating in the area of drive technology.


Technical data of the PowerPoint lifting point

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