RUD wheels and guides are the optimum solution for every hoist. Classic pocket wheels and X-drive wheels from RUD have optimally matched pocket numbers and are individually adapted to each customer requirement. RUD chain guides complement the portfolio and ensure a fully comprehensive

complete package for every hoist.
Proven RUD design and know-how in the construction and production of chains, wheels and guides make the difference.
We also design and produce wheels and guides for any hoist, regardless of the chain used.

Information required for ordering RUD pocket chain wheels:

  • chain dimensions and number of pockets
  • hub length B + C
  • drill-Ø D with fit (if no details are given, fit H7 and bore chambers 1.5 x 45° are used)
  • groove for feather key DIN 6885 Bl. 1 P9 or IS9 or keyway with details about key insertion direction
  • possibly threaded hole for set screw with indication of position

Individually adjustable for every wheel and every customer request.

  • chain dimension required for determination
  • pocket wheel required for determination

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